How to resolve Error “Office has encountered and error during setup”

I had an office 2013 installation before, I uninstalled it for a certain reason, I downloaded another Office 2013 Professional Plus with SP1 from my MSDN Subscription, when I try to install it, during the installation, I get a message saying “Office has encountered an error during setup” , When I click on close I receive another dialog saying “Microsoft setup bootsrap has stopped working” I tried many solutions I could find on the internet like deleting registry keys and so on, but the problem wasn’t resolved.

Try uninstalling office using the fixit tool and after the uninstall is successful, please try installing office in clean boot,

To get to clean boot, in case you don’t know how, follow the below steps:

  1. Press the windows key + r.
  2. type msconfig.exe.
  3. System configuration pops up, select the button : SELECTIVE STARTUP
  4. Uncheck both check buttons,
  5. Click Apply then say YES to the restart Prompt,
  6. After rebooting you are in the Clean Boot Mode and install your office

To go back to the normal startup,

1.Press windows key + r
2.msconfig.exe, system config pops ups NORMAL STARTUP button and say YES to restart prompt,You’re back to your normal mode.

MS Office is one of the most widely used data processing application suites that is being used by billions of people all across the world. Not much time has passed since Microsoft launched Office 2013. There are many people who have reported several issues a list of which have been mentioned below:

  1. Microsoft office encountered an error during setup for 2013 version
  2. Microsoft office encountered an error during setup for 2007 version
  3. Microsoft office professional plus 2010 encountered an error during setup in Windows 8/ Windows 10
  4. Microsoft office 2013 encountered an error during setup windows 10
  5. Microsoft office home and business 2010 encountered an error during setup
  6. Microsoft office 2013 encountered an error during setup windows 10
  7. Unable to install the office 365
  1. One of which most common one is the error displaying Microsoft office encountered an error during setup. Mostly this error crops up while installing MS Office 2013. On closing the dialog box displaying this message another error is being displayed mentioning “Microsoft setup bootstrap has stopped working “. If you wish you can try to resolve the error by erasing the registry keys. In case the issue still persists then you can follow the below mentioned instructions:
  2. Get a fix it tool from this link here
  3. After getting this tool, try to uninstall the MS office suite which has been installed on your system
  4. Install the suite again but make sure that this time you install it in a clean boot.

In case you are not aware of clean boot then you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Run Command dialog box
  2. Now type exe.
  3. A “System Configuration” window will pop up.
  4. Here you will need to select the option “Selective Startup”
  5. Unchecked all the boxes mentioned within Selective Startup
  6. Now click on “Apply”
  7. Select “Yes” in the dialog box that appears after you have clicked “Apply”
  8. Once the system has rebooted, you have set your system in the Clean boot mode.
  9. Now you can install the MS Office suite in your system.

In case you are willing to switch back to the Normal Startup then follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Type Run in the search box
  3. Open the Run Command dialog box
  4. Type exe
  5. Again “System configuration” Pop up will open
  6. This time you need to select “Normal Startup”
  7. Click on “Apply”
  8. Select Yes to Restart